Winfield Tip-Up Bird Releaser
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The Winfield Bird Releaser is a tool that old timers would be proud of.  No gadgets, no buttons, just a simpe bird cage operated with minimal foot pressure.   And because it has no moving parts or springs there's nothing to go wrong or repair.
Made from rolled steel and welded wire, this bird releaser is impervious to any and all weather conditions. Another benefit to its design is that the welded wire allows for the bird scent to easily escape and entice your gun dog. And while eager young dogs may get to the releaser before you do, its design will more often than not keep them from gaining access to the bird itself.

We've added colorful tape to the end so it's more easily found after a long day of gun dog training.

* Made from rolled steel and welded wire

* Maximum airflow for excellent scenting

* Completely silent

* Easy operation
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Winfield Tip-Up Bird Releaser

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