Utra Paws Snow Boots
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Inexpensive, lightweight, water resistant for basic protection from snow balling on the dog's paws. This is an entry-level boot suited for occasional use. For improved durability look at the Durable or Rugged boots.

  • Four sizes in black.
  • $13.95 for a set of four boots
  • U.S. Patent 7,971,557.
  • Canadian Patent 2,486,628.



  • A simple boot made of water resistant and tightly woven lightweight material that dries quickly.
  • This boot provides basic protection from snow balling up on the paw's paws.
  • For light duty use in light snow or on snow covered grass.
  • Not for use on sidewalks, salted roads or rough terrain (Rugged boots are best suited for these conditions).
  • Foam comfort pad keeps boots in place
  • A single strap of Velcro allows easy closure of the boots



  • Loosely fasten Velcro closure, wash in cold water on delicate cycle; hang to air dry.
  • Item #: 11016

Utra Paws Snow Boots

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