Stainless Horse Stakeout w/Rope
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Our stakeout rods are constructed of 100% stainless steel.  They’re easy to drive in and easy to pull out and best of all, they always comes out clean.

Since they’re stainless steel, they will never rust or deteriorate due to weather conditions or moisture. That means, they’ll last “forever”.

We’re also concerned with your horses safety and for that reason we use only high quality ropes encased in soft pliable rubber hose resulting in a tangle free system!  This also keeps the rope clean and in good condition. Our ropes are 10 feet long giving your horse a full 20 foot area of travel.

The swivel section of our system is a stainless steel bullring and the snaps are solid brass.

Yes, we believe that these are the best horse stakeouts available anywhere, and to back it up we offer our rock solid Lifetime Guarantee!  (Note: Rope is not guaranteed.)

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Stainless Horse Stakeout w/Rope

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