Scott Linden's Real Bird Bumper Pheasant
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Available in pheasant size and quail size.

The most realistic retrieving dummy in the world. Same shape, weight and size as the real thing plus a 1000-denier Cordura "skin" to encourage a whole mouth grab. Floppy like a shot bird, with an articulated wing to familiarize dogs with the challenges of navigation while "blindfolded" (lock it down for pups to discourage cheating). No hard plastic parts to poke a dog's eye or encourage head grabbing, no rigid foam to encourage hard mouth, and it floats!

Scott Linden says he is the luckiest guy in the world. He gets to play with his dogs on television as host of America's favorite upland show, Wingshooting USA, He also hunts behind dozens of other dogs each season to make the show, and just for fun. Over the years, he's talked with dozens of pro trainers and hundreds of average hunters who train their own dogs. Based on their comments, and his personal experiences, he's created a retrieving bumper that works.

The Real Bird Bumper is the first product in Scott's Signature Line of better gun dog products manufactured by Spindrift. In his design he says "I tried to take all the problems we face when training dogs to retrieve, and solve them."

No other bumper, dummy, ball, foam body or stuffed toy has all the attributes of a real, dead bird, including a loose, pliant "skin" that encourages dogs to open wide and grip the whole body. It weighs more, is limp like a real bird, "flops" and floats. There are no extraneous or rigid heads, tails or legs to encourage an insecure grab or tempt a dog to "hardmouth." You can throw it a country mile. The buckle locks down the wing so puppies can't cheat by picking up the wing alone. It even looks different!

Journalists, pro trainers and just plain folks have raved about how realistic the Real Bird Bumper is. Doesn't your dog deserve the best available training tool to help him become a confident, competent retriever?

Most dogs will need some practice, but that's the point. If you don't agree it's the best retrieving bumper on the market, return it. The Real Bird Bumper is made in Bend, Oregon, U.S.A. to Scott's strict quality standards and is unconditionally guaranteed. He says "If my six-month-old wirehair pup can't destroy it, nobody can!"

Yep, it's expensive but it's also the best. Try it and see if you don't agree.
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Scott Linden's Real Bird Bumper Pheasant

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