Ruff Tough Kennels
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Manufactured from roto-molded plastic right in the heart of South Dakota pheasant country, a Ruff-Tough Kennel is the best dog crate money can buy. No more flimsy pet store crates with plastic side latches that fall off, these rugged boxes are factory molded as one piece and come fully assembled. Watch the video below of the dumbbell weights being dropped on the flimsy pet store dog crate versus the Ruff Tough Kennel and you’ll be sold on their durability.

The door can be switched to open either left or right and the floor is slightly raised in the middle with channels around the edges to keep the dog dry should their water dish spill. The intermediate size also offers a two door model for the backseat of a car or pickup, so that the dog can be let out of either side.

5 year manufacturer warranty.

Please specify size when ordering:

  • Small Crate is 16 in. wide x 16 in. tall x 21 in. deep and is made to transport toy breed dogs. Carrying handle on top.
  • Medium Crate is 18 in. wide x 20 in. tall x 28 in. deep and is made to transport terriers, cocker spaniels, beagles and earthdogs. Carrying handle on top.
  • Large Crate is 22 in. wide x 26 in. tall x 35 in. deep is made to transport larger flushers, pointers, hounds, retrievers and versatile dogs.


These crates are able to be placed side by side and stabilized with the Coupler Kit and secured in the truck bed with the Tie-Down Kit

If an Intermediate or Large Crate will be in the back of an SUV or a truck bed with a topper, check out the Tray and Gear Box for the top of the crate, perfect for holding gloves, retrieving dummies, whistles, e-collars, leads, dog treats, and any other dog or hunting gear you need to have stored.

The Medium and Intermediate Crates have a plexi-glass door cover available to protect your dog from the sun and wind.

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Ruff Tough Kennels

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