Puppy Training Kit
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Everything you need to bring home your new pup -- except the crate! # Adjustable puppy collar with name tag and matching 4-foot leash. # Our Step-in stake/Ground Hook assistant with 20-foot tieout/Puppy checkcord that is the very best way to let him outdoors to pee. #3 Pig ears (If you don't give him something to chew, he'll find something). #16oz. Bitter Apple (In case he finds your hunting boots) #2-quart feed and 3-quart water bowl #Perfect Coat shampoo #2-sided pin/bristle brush #Puppy size canvas retrieving dummy #16oz Natures Miracle stain and odor remover (s--t happens) #How to Raise a Healthy Puppy booklet by Michael Moss VMD Choose the color of the collar you want below and indicate in the comments section what you would like engraved on the brass tag (4 lines/16 characters per line). 

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Puppy Training Kit

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