Mud River Kennel Cushion
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This crate cushion will ensure your dog has an enjoyable ride and is ready to perform upon arrival.

  • Construction: 1200D Nylon Upper.
  • Industrial Grade bottom for maximum protection.
  • Whip-stitching bonds the two materials to allow for killer abuse.


  • Small: 24in L x 16in W x 0.5in H fits a 300 crate
  • Large: 30in L x 18in W x 0.5in H fits 400 crate
  • Extra Large: 30in L x 22in W x 0.5in H fits 500 crate

Hint: Cut out peg board the same size as your crate bottom and lay the cushion on top. That way the water drains off your wet dog, off your cushion, through the peg board to the bottom of the crate and your dog isn't laying in water.
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Mud River Kennel Cushion

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