LCS Heavy Duty Nylon Collar, 1" O-Ring
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The LCS Heavy Duty Nylon Collars are made for years of daily wear even in training, hunting, testing and trialing. Fits comfortably on your average sized hound, retriever, pointer, flusher or versatile dog. Constructed from 1 in. wide heavy gauge nylon and industrial steel hardware. The adjustable buckle has a flat profile design and there is also a tip tab at the end of the collar to minimize fraying and a sliding plastic keeper to hold the end in place. The steel O-Ring is not only a convenient place to hook up leashes and check cords, but it also serves as a safety feature, allowing the collar to turn inside out should the dog become snagged on branches or fencing. Be sure to measure your dog’s neck prior to ordering to ensure proper fit. 

Available in blaze orange, black or Advantage Wetlands Camo. The blaze orange and black are $5.95 and feature polished steel hardware. The Advantage Camo collar is $7.95 with black powder coated steel hardware to prevent the ducks from seeing a glare. Add $3.00 to the cost of either to add a brass name plate to include your phone number and other important safety information. 

The length options are 15 in., 17 in., 19 in. or 21 in., please select when ordering.

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LCS Heavy Duty Nylon Collar, 1" O-Ring

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