LCS Game Bird Bag
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The LCS Game Bird Bag is the largest on the market at the lowest price! A must-have for game stewards on hunting preserves, dog trainers, and dog clubs planting birds for hunt tests and field trials. Quality construction with highly-visible blaze orange Cordura nylon securely stitched to durable mesh for ventilation and comfort of the birds.

The spring-loaded steel top allows you to slip your hand in and out of the bag without birds escaping and keeps the birds secure when the bag is tucked away. The adjustable strap can either fit around your waist or over your shoulder and a brass name plate can be added upon request. Also has a roomy side pocket perfect for gloves, hobbles or tethers. This bag has enough capacity for either 14 quail, 8 pigeons, 4 chukar or 2 pheasants and ducks. Easy to clean, by simply removing any leftover feathers, spraying down with the hose and hanging to try in the sun.

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LCS Game Bird Bag

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