Debra Hollingsworth Commission Painting
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Debra J Hollingsworth is a fifth generation Florida Native whose pioneer family helped develop south central Florida.
She has painted with some of the most revered artists of the time and taught painting in plain air locations
throughout the North American Continent, and Switzerland. Her work is in many countries and
she has been featured in fine art galleries and shows both in the US and abroad.
Through her lifetime of cattle ranching, citrus production and outdoor recreation Hollingsworth developed a passion for
the natural beauty of Florida. Her vivid contrasts with brilliant colors represent her signature in style  as she preserves
Florida’s beautiful scenery on canvas. With vast areas of Florida  quickly vanishing you too can preserve  a piece of the
natural Florida  with one of  Hollingsworth’s Fine Art Originals, order yours today.
Champion Sport Dogs, your beloved hunting dog, wild turkey, and other domestic or wild animals available on request.
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Debra Hollingsworth Commission Painting

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