Cool Down Crate Pad
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If you're like us, we always worry about our dog overheating when running in warm conditions, whether we are running in a summer hunt test or warm afternoons during bird season. Here is a great tool to help your dog shed accumulated body heat quickly. Our Cool Down Crate Pad can quickly fill with icy cold water and the unique channel interior helps to maintain an even distribution of water throughout the mat, even when your dog is lying on it. The pad has a large, waterproof spout that facilitates quick fill/empting and an air valve to adjust the firmness depending on the weight of your dog. We like to tuck ours inside the cover of our LCS Crate Pads when using them in dog boxes. Available in three sizes. Small - 17" x 24" Medium - 22" x 32" Large - 32" x 44"
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Cool Down Crate Pad

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