CCI .22 Blank Ammo
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CCI .22 Short Noise Blanks (100 count) have a medium loud report that makes them perfect for training when live birds are being reused. We recommend these for the mature started dog that has already been conditioned to gunfire. Smokeless, reliable and clean. Qualified for use in AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials. These are able to be used in any firearm chambered for .22 Short, .22 Long or .22 Long Rifle, or partnered with one of our professional grade .22 blank pistols:

LCS .22 Caliber Starter Pistol

LCS Champ Blank Pistol (specify .22 caliber when ordering)

Also known as: CCI 22 blanks, CCI 22 caliber blanks, CCI .22 cal blanks, CCI 22 Noise Blank Shorts, .22 crimped short noise blanks, CCI .22 caliber crimped short blanks, 22 crimped blanks, 22 short noise blank smokeless
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CCI .22 Blank Ammo

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