Bushnell Backtrack G2 GPS
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Getting lost even for a little while is a terrifying experience, so never feel that way again with the Bushnell Backtrack G2 GPS. Simple to use two-button operation and the most affordable GPS device on the market. So functional that you'll use it everywhere to mark you truck, from the hunting fields and woods to the stadium parking lot. Capable of marking 3 different locations, then displays the distance and direction that you've traveled from the mark. The GPS receiver is highly sensitive for quick satellite connection and also includes a self-calibrating compass for an additional navigation option. Weather resistant and compact at 3.5 in. diameter, which will easily fit in your pocket or hang from a belt loop on a carabiner clip (not included). The LCD display is 1.25 in. diameter and is LED backlit, with an auto-shutoff feature to preserve battery life. Rated for 15-18 hours of continuous use on 2 AA batteries (not included). Enjoy the freedom to roam the outdoors with the peace of mind of knowing you'll be able to find your way back!
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Bushnell Backtrack G2 GPS

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